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Increase Client Adherence With A Simple Process

Any good personal trainer will tell you that one of the most important factors to build a raving client base is the success of the client. That same personal trainer will likely also agree that client success is highly dependent on the client’s ability to adhere to a program on their own time.

Most of the time, you have one hour to make a massive, life-changing impact in a client’s life one or two times per week. 

What do your clients do the other 23 hours in the day?

What do your clients eat when you aren’t around to hold their hand?

If you can’t find a way to keep your clients in check and stick to the program you have designed specifically for them, chances are they won’t see the progress they desire to see and that can be bad for your business.

Do you think a client who doesn’t hit their goals is more likely to bring you new business versus the one who does hit their goals?

If you are a new trainer, one that is building your business, or an established trainer you must understand THIS:


It's understandable if half of the personal trainers reading this article right now just shrugged their shoulders and said, "I can't control what my client does on their own time."

You're right. You can't.

You know that their success means you will be successful. So, what you can do to increase the likelihood a client will adhere to their training program?

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Building Simple Processes As A Personal Trainer

Business development holds the same principles in all industries.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, an accountant, or a personal trainer you will find that creating "recipes" or processes to facilitate your business is the ultimate key to success.

Training those who participate in your business in how things SHOULD be is crucial.

Remember your first job as a teenager? you probably had a list of duties or activities that you performed when you opened or closed the business. Or maybe on Thursdays you knew you had to come in and do inventory.


Want to be the successful personal trainer that gets results for every client? Train them on how they should interact with you by holding them accountable on a simple process that will ensure success for both of you.

But, what process?

How will I train my client AND hold them accountable?

The Simple Process Solution

The simple process solution comes in three steps. This secret I am about to share with you is so simple, yet so overlooked.

When you implement this simple system into your business, you will see a massive difference.

  1. Client is responsible for maintaining a log of activities and efforts (such as nutrition).
  2. Client OWNS their progress.
  3. Trainer maintains periodic contact (outside of sessions).

Notice how the first two steps do not mention the personal trainer?

This is intentional. The goal is to train your clients to understand the relationship they have with you and your expectations of them as a client.

By training the client on the terms of your relation and how to interact with you it provides clarity on what they are personally responsible for.

Your client should understand that ultimately their success in achieving their goals comes down to the effort and discipline they are willing to put forth.

How do you hold your client accountable on this?

Have your client maintain a log of activities and efforts that they put forth in achieving their goals. This log should be an honest reflection of their efforts and can come in various forms.

Clients can keep a written journal, or as a personal trainer you can implement tools such as MyPTHub (use upgrade code ANEELEY30) or Trainerize in your business.

MyPTHub Dashboards

These online personal training platforms make it easy to create and assign workout and nutritional programs to your clients as well as tracking their progress and efforts.

Using these platforms will allow your client to easily keep track of their data and refer back to it in the future.

One of the most beautiful and useful features of both of these platforms are the push notifications.

When you assign your client a workout or send them a message to see how they are coming along, the client receives a push notification right to their phone. It's quite hard to miss.

Holding your client accountable for their progress is vital to their success. They need to OWN their progress.

How To Get Clients To Own Their Progress

Building the mindset of ownership in your clients starts with how you approach the training program and phrase questions to them.

Periodic communication with the client should review their progress with questions such as:

  • How much progress have you made in the past week?
  • Why did we not achieve our goal of losing 1 pound this week?
  • What can you change to make sure we hit this goal going forward?

While this may feel uncomfortable for some to ask, this is absolutely necessary in holding your client accountable and making an impact on their overall lifestyle.

Take note of the ownership in the questions.  These questions are worded to acknowledge that your client is responsible for their goals.

You will not lose the weight for the client. You will not increase the strength for the client. The client must do this for themselves.

Over time, with repeated efforts your client will begin to understand this dynamic.

Assuming you work with a client for at least two months it shouldn't be unreasonable to establish these expectations during the training sessions and in communications.

Do your clients understand the mutual expectations between you? Leave a comment below.