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Top 10 Mobile Personal Trainer Equipment Essentials

Mobile personal training is a niche that allows for more flexibility than working in a gym as an employed or independent personal trainer. When you show up to train a client, there is one of two scenarios that exist:

  1. The client has a home gym and all the equipment they need to be trained by you, the fitness professional. — Or —
  2. The client is being met at home/park/work and does not have the equipment they need to be trained by you, the fitness professional.

Being mobile means that you have to be effective in your instruction because you don’t have a full arsenal of equipment like you might have at a gym.

So, what should you bring with you?

With hundreds of equipment options, it’s important to pick equipment that has multiple uses, can be stored in a relatively small area, and isn’t too heavy for you to carry from client to client.

The following list of equipment is both versatile and functional.

These pieces of equipment would be fantastic to completely run your entire mobile personal training business.

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Adjustable Dumbbells

I know, I know. Earlier the criteria said that equipment shouldn't be too heavy to carry from client to client. This piece of equipment was listed first because dumbbells are SO versatile. You can literally give your client an entire full body workout with just a pair of dumbbells.


  • Compound movements
  • Isolation exercises
  • Corrective exercises

Battle Ropes

Like the dumbbells above, this piece of equipment can be a bit heavy and if not rolled up properly can take up quite a bit of space, however this piece of equipment is so effective and versatile that your clients will automatically despise you the second they see you pull this bad boy out.


  • HIIT
  • Agility
  • Coordination

TRX Bands

If you could have one piece of equipment, just one, that you were expected to train a few clients with back to back, this would be it. Suspension training is an absolute fantastic way to not only perform high intensity exercise but to also build muscle, balance, and perform corrective exercise. These guys can be hooked up on a post, a tree, or even a door frame. They are compact and easy to store. Uses:

  • Full body workout
  • Isolation Exercises
  • Corrective Exercises

Foam Roller

Ever taken a course on corrective exercise? You'll know how vital myofascial-release can be to improving posture and helping your client move properly. Foam rollers come in all shapes and sizes. From, "Oh my gosh, I think these points are going to make me die," to your standard smooth & black roller you have a variety of choices. Uses:

  • SMR
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Posture

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands generally can come in a loop (like the ones linked here) or with the option to add handles on the ends. Both sets of resistance bands can be recommended however, we've listed the ones we did because they are great for working with athletes and helping to prevent injury through the resistance exercises you can do. Uses:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Hypertrophy
  • Dynamic Movements
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Agility Hurdles

Whether you are working with athletes or at a client's house, you won't have access to a ton of cardio machines like you would in a gym. Hurdles can be used for a variety of agility drills or just as markers for cardio exercises. Uses:

  • Agility drills
  • Markers
  • Competitions

Workout Timer

While any stopwatch will work as a personal trainer, sometimes it's nice to not focus on the timer and give your complete and undivided attention to your client. The extra seconds you spend motivating and pushing your clients to achieve great results and not double checking if it's time to rate in your circuit is super valuable to both you and the client. Uses:

  • Circuit Training
  • Intervals
  • Focus On Client

Yoga Mat

As a mobile personal trainer your environment is subject to change. Chances are your client may not be too happy if you are having them do prone exercises in wet grass or dirt. Yoga mats are lightweight and can be used for many purposes such as stretching, yoga, and prone exercises. Uses:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Stretching
  • General Exercise

Body Composition Tools

All personal trainers should be measuring their client' progress. While scales are a great indicator of weight loss, they don't necessarily look at the bigger picture. While you could carry calipers and a scale with you, this singular device takes the measurements for you and runs the algorithm for body fat percentage as well. Obviously, there will be a larger percentage deviation from actual body fat percentage versus DXA or Bioelectrical Impedance testing, however the measurements from this device in our testing were consistent. Uses:

  • Monitor Weight
  • Track Body Composition
  • Measure Program Efficacy

Equipment Cart

Using an equipment cart could drastically increase your efficiency. Rather than making a few trips back and forth to get your equipment, throw everything in the plastic tub and roll the cart with you. The less time you spend dealing with equipment, the more time you can spend working with your clients or building your business. Uses:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Decrease Work Required/Session
  • Makes Life Easier

This list is NOT a comprehensive list of the equipment that can be used to run your mobile personal training business. We left many items off this list as we wanted to keep it to our criteria. Equipment like kettlebells, for example are fantastic, but are not interchangeable like the dumbbells listed above and would take up too much space.

Did we leave anything off this list that is an absolute necessity for running a mobile personal training session?

Let us know in the comments below!