Welcome to the resources page for personal trainers. This list of curated and hand-picked tools for personal trainers are the ones we strongly recommend to build and grow your personal training business.

Before you jump right in, we have an important disclaimer:

While FitProAcademy actively uses and believes in the following products, some of the links are affiliate links meaning we will make a commission if you purchase. We recommend these tools and services based on our own experiences. Please do not spend money on products unless you believe it can help you achieve your goals.

Siteground is the recommended webhost for personal trainers.

$3.95 per month

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SiteGround #1 Cost Efficient & Reliable Hosting

All personal trainers, whether employed or working independently should have an online presence to showcase their professional education and success.

You can use SiteGround to host multiple domains - no need to pay for more services when you build a new website. The customer service is always available and techs are quick to respond.

We highly recommend using SiteGround for your first website and getting started is only $3.95 per month.

ClickFunnels is the recommended landing page and marketing system for personal trainers.

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#1 For Conversions

Clickfunnels is not your average landing page application. By combining aspects of conversion-driven and track-record proven landing page templates and email marketing, it's a fantastic all in one solution for a personal trainer.

ClickFunnels is highly recommended for the trainer that wants to acquire new clients via online advertising.

Active Campaign is the most recommended email marketing service for personal trainers.

Start from $9/Month


Active Campaign

#1 For Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing solution that has fantastic integrations with a variety of useful plugins such as SumoMe or OptinMonster.

For personal trainers, visualizing your lead nurture campaign (funnel) and moving cold prospects to arm prospects will ultimately help you build a solid business.

Build Your Website


FitProAcademy is exclusively hosted on Siteground. Why? Siteground's inexpensive starter options with the ability to scale as needed make it a great way to be cost effective and grow as your business does.

Get started now for as low as $3.95 per month. This is an exclusive FitProAcademy deal!


X Theme by Themeco is one of the best selling Wordpress themes on Theme Forest, and for good reason. 

This highly customize-able theme has a visual builder called Cornerstone and is simple and straightforward to build your personal training website. 

FitProAcademy is built on this theme and is highly recommended for anyone looking to build an online presence or business.

My PT Hub

My PT Hub is the best online personal training business management platform.

Whether you are an online trainer or you train your clients in person, this tool effectively helps you run your business.

Integrate it with your website to sell packages and facilitate your services. My PT Hub is a versatile tool that is cost effective and well worth the money.

Grow Your Business


OptinMonster is a lead generation software that integrates with your WordPress website. Easily capture the email address of potential clients or customers.

Use exit-intent technology to capture before a user leaves your site, or a landing mat to welcome and offer great value.

Facebook Ads

Looking to scale your business and acquire new clients? Facebook has arguably the best platform for getting your message in front of your ideal client.

If you have a business or a brand you should have a presence on this platform. Use your existing Facebook account to create a page and an advertising account.


Similar to Facebook Ads, search engine marketing (SEM) is also an effective way to reach your ideal customer. Effective for both online and in-person fitness businesses.

Target keywords and phrases with the ability to narrow down based on geolocation.


An all-in-one lead funnel program that has processed hundreds of millions of dollars through their pre-built funnel formulas.

With everything from lead capture to email marketing to one-click upsell this platform has everything you need to close new clients.

Whether you are booking new calls for prospective clients or selling them a fitness program online, this is the tool for you.

Run Your Business

My PT Hub

My PT Hub is a robust and extremely useful platform to run your entire personal training business from. Whether you work with clients in person or exclusively online, My PT Hub has you covered.

From being able to bill your clients to updating their training programs remotely and staying in contact with them via messages, you'll have a ton of flexibility in how you run your business.

Use coupon code "ANEELEY30" to secure a better rate.


An alternative to My PT Hub, Trainerize is another great tool to run your entire training business from.

Unique to Trainerize, you can launch your own 'website' from Trainerize to send your clients to in a matter of minutes.

With a super-easy program builder and many third-party integrations, it's a great platform and provides tons of value to your clients.

MindBody Online

Has your business scaled beyond being a solo trainer? MindBody Online is the perfect all-in-one solution for a studio to large gym.

You can run nearly every aspect of your business from this platform including: scheduling, payroll, client bookings, contracts, payments (including auto-drafts), memberships, and more.

It's quite an extensive platform so we recommend going over and checking it out and seeing which solution might be the best for you.

Manage Your Business


The golden standard in online accounting, Quickbooks is perfect for a solo personal trainer or mid-sized business.

With Quickbooks you can easily manage your bills, track business miles, invoice and accept payments, and more. Keep your finances in check and know where your business is at with Quickbooks.


A more cost effective alternative to Quickbooks, this easy to use program contains many of the same features at an overall lower price.

With Freshbooks you can track time and expenses, invoice and accept payments online, and more. Stay on top of your finances with a simple solution.

H&R Block

H&R Block was included on this list as it provides a major convenience and cost savings when it comes to getting your taxes filed.

New fitness professionals tend to be a bit scared of filing their own taxes when they are no longer receiving a W2. H&R Block's guided tax return makes it easy for your to maximize your deductions and accurately determine your refund amount.

Best Courses and Books

Ignite the Fire - The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career

Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career by Jonathan Goodman is a fantastic niche book on personal training and how to be the most successful at it.

Johnathan Goodman runs the website The PTDC and is a trove of knowledge and experience that is valuable and can provide great experience into what it takes to be successful in the industry.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business

In this guide, Ramit Sethi the author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, will outline the first steps it will take in building a real business that provides value to your clients online.

His guide contains material, tools, and mindset tips to start a business that is sustainable, ethical, and more importantly profitable.

The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebaeu shows you in an easy-to-use guide on how to use what you love to do as a getaway to self-fulfillment. He gives insights into what other entrepreneurs had to do in specifics (meaning down to the dollar) in order to build their success.

He teaches key principles such as action being in a battle with planning and that action always wins and other useful insights as well. A fantastic read for a new trainer or a seasoned business owner.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a staple in a massive percent of successful persons'  must-read books. Robert T. Kiyosaki tells a story that illustrates the dynamic mindset between those who become rich and those who are destined to remain poor.

Even if you are a personal trainer who doesn't care too much about money, this book will elaborate on the mindset that will allow you to scale to become successful and have you thinking differently when you approach how you go about business.

Grow Your Social Presence


As a fitness professional you likely don't have time to be on every social media platform and make each post by hand. Hootsuite is a platform to manage all of your social media accounts from one place.

Major benefits of using Hootsuite include the ability to easily schedule your content, view metrics and prove social ROI, and monitor social media platforms that conversations that actually matter.


Canva is a web-based design platform that makes it super-simple to create awe-inspiring images for your social media platforms.

Ever wonder how your favorite Instagram star puts beautiful quotes on their images or has a template for each post? They are likely using Canva.


Iconosquare is a fantastic tool for deep insights on your Instagram and Facebook pages.

Useful features of this tool include the ability to measure the time when your audience is most likely to see your posts, track the reach of your posts, and plot the growth of your accounts over time.

Imagery That Enhances


Pexels is a free stock photo website with super high-quality imagery that is free to use for personal or even commercial uses.


Pixabay, similar to Pexels, is another free stock photo website that allows you to download super high-quality images for personal or even commercial use.


Unsplash, an alternative to the two above is yet another great free stock photo website with a wide variety of images in many categories.

Create Great Videos

Canon 80D

The Canon 80D DSLR is a "prosumer" grade DSLR with one of the absolute best auto-focus features on the market.

Fitness professionals looking to capture video with movement should heavily consider this camera body and a great wide-angle lens like the one listed below.

Sigma 50mm Art Lens

The Sigma 50mm art lens is a versatile lens for both photo and video. It's not a "pro" lens but has fantastic qualities and never appears to really distort the image.

If this lens is out of your price range a great alternative is the Canon 50mm lens or anything with a wide aperture and a wide angle.

Rode VideoMic Go

This microphone is a top quality entry level shotgun mic. Meant for run and gun type filming, it is perfect for the gym or on a set.

While not the best audio quality or the best for all scenarios, it provides an overall quality audio experience for the price. A step up from this microphone is the Rode VideoMic Pro or a lav mic setup.


Screenflow serves dual purposes as both a video editing and screen capture software. While we prefer more professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut, it will work and get the job done.

We use Screenflow for capturing our screens in videos while working on our Mac devices.


If being a fitness professional is your business, you'll want to limit  your personal liability. Whether a client is negligent or becomes injured, you could stand to lose what you've worked so hard for.

We recommend consulting an attorney and doing your due diligence on the matter, however we have used Incfile in the past to incorporate a few of our businesses.

USPTO Trademark Research

Before you go all out and begin branding your fitness business, it might be beneficial to do a bit of trademark research.

A couple minutes of your time now, might save thousands of dollars in future legal fees.


It's recommended all businesses have some form of liability insurance. Fitness businesses are generally high risk and as such, you should take the precautions necessary to protect yourself.

Next-Insurance provides specialized insurance for personal trainers that starts at just $11/month for great coverage.

Other Great Tools

Virtual Staff Finder

You can't scale without learning to delegate.

Ultimately, there are many tasks in running a business that are simply not worth your time to do. Why stop your day to manage the books when you could be focusing on bringing in more revenue?

Hiring virtual assistants (VAs) could dramatically decrease your administrative workload and help you scale your business.


Need a designer to do a logo? Done. How about a developer to modify your website? Done. A funnel expert to launch your next exercise program? Done.

UpWork is a platform that connects individuals wanting gig work performed by respective experts. Check it out.